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  • Stay in our own lane.
    This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago and updated for inspiring wisdom and deep understanding today. While on the freeway the other day, my son, Garrett, was driving while I rode in the passenger seat. We were heading into a construction zone with cement barriers to our left and a tractor-trailer to our right. I could feel my son getting nervous as we were also about to go underneath an overpass, so I suggested: “Just take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and focus on staying in your lane.“ We made it through without difficulties, and Garrett said, “Thanks Mom.”Read More →
  • For the pure joy of genuine connection.
    If you’re like me, you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the state of affairs in the U.S. Every time I check my email or come across news about politics, climate change, social media, or the economy. It seems the world is on the brink of disaster. The media’s goal is to create titillating click-worthy content. Finding happiness and joy amidst all the chatter is almost impossible. Building a happy life requires us to keep trying! Yes/And It’s easy sometimes to feel hopelessly overwhelmed, yet we all carry the dream of a life worth living within us. The trick is to keep moving forward, despiteRead More →