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  • Three simple ways you can immediately improve your quality of life.
    How do you create a life worth living in a world that feels like it’s already crammed with responsibilities, plans, and projects? Most of us start as children going to school, aiming to get good grades to make our parents happy. Then, as we get older, we focus on getting a good-paying job to afford a nice car and a house, thinking that will bring us joy and satisfaction. Eventually, we start to realize despite all the time and hard work we’ve put in striving to reach the “next level,” we’re still not happy. I’m sure I’m not the only person who woke up oneRead More →
  • I wanna dance with somebody.
    After last week’s wedding weekend with my family in Little Rock, Arkansas, I keep thinking about this song. On November 6, my cousin, Sarah, married her sweetie, Trent, surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was an absolute BLAST!! We had all been looking forward to this celebration since before Covid. Now, with the vaccine, we were glad to get together finally. Lots of people, including me, flew in from around the country. One guy even came in from Canada. Sarah set up a FB live link to watch the ceremony for those who couldn’t attend. I sat with myRead More →