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This page offers grounding exercises, attitude adjusters, anti-anxiety meditations, pressure relief strategies, and poems I developed to manage my anxiety. I’ve been sharing them for years. Freshly organized into a convenient format, they inspire healing, joy, and spiritual development—and the opportunity to refuel as you’re sailing upon the seas of life. Whether or not you suffer from anxiety, I hope you enjoy them.

Please feel free to share these with others to spread the good vibrations.

Comments are welcome and moderated. Boundaries are real and sacred.

xoxo Pam

Fall leaves over a pond.
Savor the beautiful light shining through the golden leaves over a calm pond.
Enjoy the sounds of the crickets and the breeze blowing through the meadow.
Relax to the sounds of the ocean.
Glitter bottle meditation.
Relax your mind by taking a moment to focus on this meditation bottle filled with glitter.
Wildflowers and crickets.
Enjoy a few moments to chill at Holly Rec in Michigan.
The Stretch
2-minute exercise Stretch is a balancing/centering exercise that helps with focus and stress management. Take a moment to join me and stretch …
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