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card reading

Pam is truly a positive light

Pam is truly a positive light in this world. She’s caring, thoughtful, and inspirational. Do yourself a favor and arrange a meeting with her. You’ll be better for it. Your soul will thank you for it.

Dave McDonald

The results were immediate and positive!

Let me start off by saying I LOVE this program! Within days, I used what I learned with Pam to confront someone who had been creating havoc in my life for years. The results were immediate and positive! Ever since then I’ve enjoyed an increase in my confidence and personal awareness. I even enjoyed doing the homework and worksheets because they helped me see my priorities and get my life organized. I would highly recommend this coaching program to anyone who wants to stop wasting their time and start taking control of their life.

Jill S.

She is a compassionate and gifted reader

What I love about Pam’s card readings is that she always shows you the positive aspects – of even the hard things. She is a compassionate and gifted reader. If you haven’t had the pleasure, do it. You will be glad you did. I always walk away feeling better about myself. Pam pours into you with every card she pulls.

Lisa McAnally

Her energy is vibrant, passionate and healing

I really enjoyed my reading by Pam. The alchemy cards she used were different from any other reading I’ve had in the past. It gave me a positive outlook on where I am at in my life and where I can focus to continue self growth. Her energy is vibrant, passionate and healing. I will be back to get another reading from her.

Debbie Bruening

Thank you…. That was incredible.

Pam, thank you for the cards and your magic, you have the most unique gift of insight and inspiration. I just love what you do. Thank you…. That was incredible.

Stephanie Freed

helped me look inside at who I am

Things have been totally hectic lately with people and work and stuff. I’ve been looking for some guidance to make sure I’m doing the right things and I’m on the right track. Having you read my cards totally helped me look inside at who I am, to figure out my direction and where I want to go. I’m feeling so much better now! Instead of being worried about the future, I’m really looking forward to it!

Emily Gade

helped me get centered and grounded

The reading and heart connection that you provided helped me begin to heal my heart and left me filled with authentic, raw, unconditional love. It helped me get centered and grounded back into what I know is true. I am so incredibly grateful! This reading allowed me to then hold space for others so they could do the same as I moved through my work over the remainder of the week. You helped me reconnect to ME! This reading helped me remember that tending to my work and daily life -- those things that need doing -- are ways of showing love and kindness to myself. A week later, and I can say that I've been feeling a TON better and actually have been able to focus and make progress. I am also referring a friend to you.

Charise Skovgaard-Spencer

Better than I expected

I was curious to have my cards read but had never tried it because tarot seemed scary. After sitting down with Pam and the Cards of Alchemy, she put my mind and ease. The card messages were even better than I expected. I left feeling hopeful and excited for the future. I highly recommend a reading with Pam. You'll be glad you did it.

Jane W.

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