Jill with her finished project.

If you’ve been looking to flex your creative muscles while having a great time, this class is for you!

Making a piece of Burlap art is as easy as pulling strings and tying a knot. You can weave in ribbons, belts, fabric, and beads. It’s a great way to incorporate your treasures and souvenirs lying around waiting for you to do something cool with them.

Think about a ribbon, belt, badge, pin, or old piece of jewelry that holds a special meaning for you. Dig out the sentimental something that’s been gathering dust on a shelf. Bring it to the workshop, and I’ll show you how to weave it into your project and make it beautiful.

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“Building burlap art is a very fun and relaxing process. Pam does a nice job showing us how to make beads and then incorporate them into the project. The whole process was soothing and a great way to spend the day. I really enjoyed the workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to relieve stress and feel creative. This is a very satisfying class.”

Jill S.

What to expect

At the workshop, you receive a piece of 12″ x 18″ burlap, a dowel, and a toothpick, along with simple instructions; counting and removing horizontal threads and tying together the verticals in a pattern. You can also add beads, paper, or ribbon. Whatever your heart desires! Feel free to bring supplies from home or choose from my collection.

Once finished, you can hang this piece of art on your wall and tell people the story of the treasures you included, showcasing your mementos and creativity.

Previous participants report having a blast making Burlap Art.

“I love learning new crafts and Pam does a great job teaching them.”


“I enjoyed the whole time. It was perfect.”


“My favorite part of the workshop was the many choices of materials and the patient instructions. My only suggestion would be more time!!”


Life is a creative art. Express yourself!

Creativity and inspiration

Below are a few of my projects made over the past 20 years.