Fall leaves over a pond.
Savor the beautiful light shining through the golden leaves over a calm pond.
Enjoy the sounds of the crickets and the breeze blowing through the meadow.
Relax to the sounds of the ocean.
Glitter bottle meditation.
Relax your mind by taking a moment to focus on this meditation bottle filled with glitter.
Wildflowers and crickets.
Enjoy a few moments to chill at Holly Rec in Michigan.
I’m Happy. I’m Healthy. I am Divine.
Inspired by a video on TikTok, I felt compelled to memorize this mantra and share it with you. Don't ever forget the Divine spirit that lives [...]
The Stretch
2-minute exercise Stretch is a balancing/centering exercise that helps with focus and stress management. Take a moment to join me and stretch [...]

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