This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago, updated for today, and still inspiring wisdom and deep understanding.

One of my most significant faults is rushing. Rushing through my responsibilities, I’m always hurrying to get someplace else. Instead of being fully present, a lot of times, my head is already ten steps ahead of where I should be, and I miss out on the whole experience.

It takes practice to become more mindful of my thoughts and actions.

Gretchen Rubin talked about mindfulness on her Happiness Project blog. She writes “I’m trying to stay more deeply in the present moment, to savor the seasons and this time of life, to stay focused on NOW rather than constantly fret about the future.”

When I recognize myself getting distracted, it’s my soul that brings me back to what I was doing.

Practice, practice

This very blog post has been a practice in focus!

I’ve had problems with the website and had to re-write this post three times so far! AAAaaarrrrrggghhhh!!

Honestly, it’s been very frustrating.

My girl, Tootsie, passed away in 2018.

Even now, as I try to finish writing this post, my dog, Tootsie, has gone missing and it’s garbage day.  I had to go outside and call to get her to come back. As I finally saw her running home, a lady in a white car drove down the street and informed me my dog keeps getting into her garbage every week. Awww, nuts.

Which brings me to……see, now the cat won’t leave me alone.  And Blake is working on charging a battery and some alarm keeps going off!!  AAaarrrgh!!

The Universe has an incredible sense of humor!

I think the lesson here is to practice getting back on track.

Last night Blake and I watched Monty Python’s Meaning of life and I absolutely loved it!  Especially this part…

“Energy has a spiritual source….Souls must be brought into existence by guided self-observation….Souls don’t develop because people become distracted by everyday life…”

Like savoring a piece of candy, life’s specialness comes from its impermanence. It’s best when we can fully appreciate it while we can instead of rushing through.

We can make every effort, despite the distractions, to stay mindful of our soul’s journey into full existence by savoring each moment. Therein lies the meaning of life.

Thanks for letting me share these deep thoughts with you, my friendly blog reader.

Do you ever notice yourself rushing, or getting distracted?

How do you remember to practice being present?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

xoxo Pam

p.s. Here’s a little smile to help you savor your day. 🙂

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