As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve had a hard time sitting down to write posts for this blog. Writing is not nearly as fun as chatting with someone in person, and after having yet another person suggest I start a podcast, I’ve decided to do it. While researching and listening to other podcasts, I’m creating a six-part series about the You’re the Boat analogy. This way, you’ll get the ideas broken down into smaller chunks, easy to digest and share with others. I aim to publish it and be ready within the next few months. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you if youRead More →

In my last blog post, I wrote about harnessing the power of Yes/And to heal and move forward. I mentioned being put up for adoption at five years old. This created long-term issues, which I’m still working on. Like a long, trapped splinter, it took a while to recognize my trauma, which brings me to today’s blog post. A funny thing happened this summer. On Father’s Day, I picked up a sliver in my thumb. While installing a power lift onto our seawall to help my husband, Blake, get on and off the pontoon boat. I felt the sliver and thought I had pulled itRead More →

I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day, when a robin flew into the window. The first time, it startled me, but the bird continued, attempting to fly into the closed window, then settling back onto the branch of our maple tree. I tried to shoo it away, but it refused to give up. I went for a walk with my son, Garrett, and when we got home an hour later, it was still at it. Eventually, Robin decided to give up the day, but it was right back the following day, flying into the window again. BeingRead More →