I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day, when a robin flew into the window. The first time, it startled me, but the bird continued, attempting to fly into the closed window, then settling back onto the branch of our maple tree.

I tried to shoo it away, but it refused to give up. I went for a walk with my son, Garrett, and when we got home an hour later, it was still at it. Eventually, Robin decided to give up the day, but it was right back the following day, flying into the window again.

Being the curious type, I went to the internet to look up the meaning of the Robin under animal spirit symbolism. Although I found many different sites offering their take, this one stuck with me.

“Robins are not shy about illustrating their joy and boundless love of music. Some believe if you see a Robin singing to you, it is a message from the Spirit Realm, so listen closely.”

“In a similar vein, Robins have an association with the soul and its mission. Robin can bring you direct counsel from the Gods. When you heed the advice, it leads to greater self-actualization and inner peace.”

What is my spirit animal.com

Expand and transform

Although there were more messages, what felt like truth for me was to share this connection with my Spiritual boundary. My first step was sharing my upcoming Boundaries class on social media (which I did), followed by writing a blog post, which I am currently doing using my Virtual boundaries. (You can sign up for Boundaries class by replying to this email or clicking the link to sign up online at RHA).

My calling, purpose, and soul’s mission are learning healthy boundaries to expand myself and share what I’ve learned to inspire others. Along with the Creative Arts Workshop and Alchemy card readings, the Boundaries class is another tool helping us create a life worth living. After all, life is a creative art.

Express yourself

I’m not an expert on boundaries, but I have years of experience dealing with anxiety, moving, traveling, and managing a happy home. I’ve learned the value of keeping an open mind and allowing my Source to guide me using the Cards of Alchemy, messages from Mother Nature, music, and many other intuitive nudges. I am deeply grateful for these gifts of guidance. That’s why I’m sharing them here!

By staying open to my Captain, I try to remember to transform the occasional leftover anxiety and negative self-talk into the trust that whatever happens in the future, I’ll know what I need to do next.

Choosing our Cosmic Connection

We’ve all been through hard times before. Despite the occasional bout of moodiness, drama, and fear about the state of the world around us, the truth is we can get back to focusing on what we’re supposed to be doing with the people we’re doing it with. Instead of remaining distracted and worrying about things we don’t have control over, we can stretch ourselves toward fresh circumstances by adjusting our attention to focus on who we are and the people and relationships that matter to us. Using our physical, material, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, temporal, and virtual boundaries, we can see ourselves beyond the storms through which we’re sailing. We are all ships sailing on the Cosmic seas of consciousness.

“We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. We are here to explore the Cosmos on a ship of the imagination.”

Carl Sagan

Sometimes we need a little reminder of our Divine connection. Being easily distracted, I developed the Stretch to cultivate inner peace and create space for our Source. It takes only two minutes and helps with focus and stress management.

I also wrote a couple of mantras to help tune into this feeling of being on the correct path.

It’s good to be doing” mantra.

“Just ‘cuz I don’t know” mantra.

I find it helpful to practice these mantras to clear away anxious thoughts when they pop up because they still do. These mantras help make space for our Cosmic connection to the Universe from which we all originate. Feel free to view and share them far and wide. The world needs our inspiration!

How about you?

At last month’s Boundaries class, my friend Julie shared a story about her late father reaching out to her through a song that wouldn’t stop playing on her cell phone. I look forward to hearing more stories at future Boundaries classes, too.

I would love to read your stories about some past intuitive guidance in the comments.

Are they a common occurrence? When did you first start noticing them? Have they changed over the years?

I’m looking forward to your healthy, honest, and inspiring stories of connection and deep understanding.

In the meantime, thanks again for joining me. I appreciate your time and attention.

xoxo Pam

p.s. If you’re interested in learning more about the Boundaries class, click the link.

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