This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago, updated for today, and still inspiring wisdom and deep understanding.

One day I went upstairs to gather laundry from my son’s room and the open window in his room had blown the door shut. As I opened up his door, I was met with a warm gust of air, followed by a cool breeze. That flow of air reminded me of energy from the Source. Without an outlet, the cool breeze was blocked from cooling off the room but once I opened up the door, the current of air had somewhere to go. Once the warm air pushed through, the room felt cool and comfortable again.

Kearsley Creek, Ortonville, MI


Resistance, fear, and anxiety produce doubt, which shuts the door to the Divine flow of energy. Managing life-long anxiety and a close, personal relationship with my lizard, I can tell you it takes consistent practice to keep my connection to the Divine open. I’ve found it helps to remember the lessons and tools I’ve picked up from my Captain over the years—things like the Stretch and the pressure relief mantras. Even the SpongeBob song helps get me back on track, at least until the next time I forget and get distracted by the stories going through my head.

Like water through a hose, inspiration is available from within us. However, without an outlet, the flow is stuck.


It’s up to us to find an outlet, a place to focus that current of Divine flow. Whether it’s through our business, family, or our community, virtually or in-person, the Source is waiting for us to tune in and allow it to work through us. Sometimes the inspiration is meant to serve someone else, while other times, like when we’re sick, hurting, or recovering from surgery, it’s meant to heal ourselves. As long as we stay open to the flow, the Captain knows where to go. Either way, Van Gogh said it best.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Vincent Van Gogh

By letting go of doubt, the flow of energy from the Universe clears out our souls and allows joy, courage, hope, faith, love, and peace to fill us up. From here, we can heal ourselves, savor our lives and serve our people. We won’t always know how it’s going to work out. However, we can aim the energy of our best intentions and trust our Captain to show us the best way forward with every breath and every moment we have to offer.

I hope this has inspired you, my friendly blog reader.

How do you stay open to the flow?

Where and when are you allowing the Source to flow through your life?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!!

xoxo Pam

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