After last week’s wedding weekend with my family in Little Rock, Arkansas, I keep thinking about this song. On November 6, my cousin, Sarah, married her sweetie, Trent, surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was an absolute BLAST!! We had all been looking forward to this celebration since before Covid. Now, with the vaccine, we were glad to get together finally. Lots of people, including me, flew in from around the country. One guy even came in from Canada. Sarah set up a FB live link to watch the ceremony for those who couldn’t attend. I sat with myRead More →

This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago, updated today, inspiring wisdom and deep understanding.  Imagine, for a moment, driving along at night, heading toward a new restaurant for dinner. It’s dark, so you’ve turned on your headlights. Since you’ve never been there before, you probably looked at directions ahead of time and maybe even turned on your GPS. With your special someone sitting in the passenger seat, and music on the stereo, you’re enjoying yourself and looking forward to a lovely evening ahead. The chances are pretty good as long as you stay present and pay attention to the road, you’llRead More →

Have you ever done something big and then immediately started doubting yourself?! Did your thoughts start churning with what-ifs, how-could yous, or who do you think you are!? You’re not alone. As soon as I published this website, my lizard started throwing a temper tantrum. For the next two days, anxious thoughts of fear and potential catastrophe clanged around in my mind. “OMG!! What have you done!?!” “The words aren’t perfect! You haven’t edited enough.” “You wrote too much. People are going read about your anxiety and think you don’t know what you’re talking about. What were you thinking?!.” “You did this for attention. LookRead More →

This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago, updated for today and still inspiring wisdom and deep understanding. I can still remember like it was yesterday. After living in Brazil for over a year, it was time for us to move back home to Michigan. Everything that didn’t stay with the house had either been packed up, thrown out, or given away. It was early morning as I drank my coffee, thinking about the day ahead. We had at least three separate flights starting in Sao Paulo, going through Houston, and ending in Cleveland, followed by a 4-hour drive to Ortonville, MI. ByRead More →

This post is part of my cornerstone content, written years ago, updated for today, and still inspiring wisdom and deep understanding. One of my most significant faults is rushing. Rushing through my responsibilities, I’m always hurrying to get someplace else. Instead of being fully present, a lot of times, my head is already ten steps ahead of where I should be, and I miss out on the whole experience. It takes practice to become more mindful of my thoughts and actions. Gretchen Rubin talked about mindfulness on her Happiness Project blog. She writes “I’m trying to stay more deeply in the present moment, to savor the seasons and thisRead More →